Model Yacht rig bags for the DF65, DF95 and IOM.

Creation Covers has started manufacturing padded bags for carrying around your model yacht rig. The design is standardised for the DF65 and the DF 95 now that the 65 has the new A+ rig.   I have a local sailor called Alan, who has been assisting me in developing the design of the rig bags […] Read more »

Photo’s of shade sails

Creation shade sails are available and can be designed to suit your garden or home. Here are some of the shades that we have been working on recently.   For more details and to obtain a measurement form, please contact Chris Gould on 07910291507 or through the contact form. Read more »

Creation sail shades. Built to last.

Creation Covers specialises in dinghy and yacht covers as well as bespoke sewn items such as bags and canopies. In 2017, Chris Gould decided to expend to make shade sails using techniques learnt from making dinghy covers. The idea behind a shade sail is to create shelter, UV protection or shadows in order for an […] Read more »

Supernova dinghy covers

Chris Gould of Creation Covers sails a Supernova and in 2017 plans to come and do some of the series as well as the Nationals and Inlands. He has developed a number of smart features for the boat to make trailing easier and the boat better protected. The toestrap comes as a plain strap made in double […] Read more »

Lark Dinghy Covers

For Lark covers, Chris Gould designed the covers to fit neatly all round and cover the boat better. Prices are sensible and there are loads of options to choose from.   Please contact Chris Gould through the contact form or ring 07910291507     Read more »

Yacht Ropes for mooring, cruising and racing.

Creation Covers supplies Yacht ropes and can also supply pre-made splices and soft shackles. We can do cut lengths, different sizes of rope and different types to suit halyards, sheets or 12 strand dyneema for kickers/vangs. For ropes to go on your yacht, contact Chris Gould through the contact form or ring 07910291507 Read more »

Rigging your dinghy for racing

Rigging your dinghy for racing is not necessarily so different than if you are cruising. Some of the small and subtle differences are often in the setup and adjustability of the rig so that you can set up to suit the conditions. Racing calls for more urgent decisions and often having the right choice of […] Read more »

Simple Solutions for Yacht Halyards

Creation Covers makes a steady number of Halyard bags and storage bags for yacht owners and they are all different. They are all made to suit the needs of the individual and that can be as simple or as complicated as you want. To make the bags, there are several materials to choose from, that suit […] Read more »

Europe Dinghy Foil Bags

Creation Covers makes a selection of foil bags for a range of classes. The designs can be tailored for the individual and there are many options available including colours and whether the closure is a zip or Velcro.     Creation Covers makes foil bags for a lot of classes such as the GP14, Merlin […] Read more »

International Moth cover and trampoline development

Aardvark Technologies have been busy making the Rocket International Moth over the past few years. The design of the boat has been honed and improved over time and so have the trampolines and covers. The tramps have been beefed up, made in 6.5 ounce black dacron with a new extended wing wrap pocket at the […] Read more »