B14 Spinnaker / Gennaker Bags

Chris Gould of Creation Covers has been working with B14 sailors, Chris Lewns and Tom Pygall, to develop and improve B14 accessories.

The B14 is a fast and powerful boat and this promotes hard work and things running smoothly.


One of the key points of the race is being able to get the spinnaker up and down without any hitches, whatever the wind strength or sea state, so one of the important reasons for developing the kite bag is to make sure that it opens easily, closes without problems and stays shut! On top of that, the design of the bag itself has to keep the kite locked in so that it won’t blow out or become dislodged.


With all of this in mind, current developments include a waterproof yet soft top to the bag, so that water washing over the boat continues on and doesn’t soak through. The next thought was to have a mesh underside for drainage. The problem of storage was overcome, with 2 halyard bags at the front and a larger storage compartment on the underside, all attached with Velcro.


To close the bag, the current system is to use a stiff batten that secures across the top when pulled down. The sides have eyelets for shockcord to pass through which not only act to pull the bag closed, but also stop the spinnaker from escaping at the side. The option to use eyelets along the side was to provide the bag with a greater range of travel, so it could open up further, while closing more securely.

The photos show the bag being fitted, how much it can open and how securely it should hold the spinnaker in.


For more information, please contact Chris Gould through our contact form or ring 07910291507

B14 Kitebag3 B14 Kitebag2 B14 Kitebag1