Merlin Rocket Covers

Merlin Semi Cocoon 1

Creation Covers can make Merlin Rocket dinghy covers for your boat at competitive prices. There are many options available in our shop but with a class as diverse as the Merlins, a made to measure cover is possible with a pattern taken from your individual boat at an event or the Creation Loft in Perry […] Read more »

Sail covers for your yacht.

Creation Covers can make boom and sail covers for your yacht with the added detail such as your choice of colour and a boat name with laser cut letters in a font of your choice. The cover can be made from a drawing with dimensions or by simply copying an existing sail cover. Other features […] Read more »

Merlin Rocket covers 2016

The Merlin is a class that is constantly changing. Always developing new ideas and bits of kit. The merlin dinghy cover designs from 2015 were a definate step on from what was offered before and this was because a lot of thought had gone into the design. There are always improvements to be made. Some […] Read more »

RS 400 dinghy cover

The new designs for the RS400 from Creation Covers are much improved on previous models. There are a great number of extra features and ideas that have gone into the top cover especially, with the undercover being revamped too.   The skirts are deeper to cover the coloured section of the hull. The pole has […] Read more »

Laser Stratos Top Cover in Weathermaxx

Creation Covers development of the Laser Stratos topcover has led to having the skirts covering the top coloured section of the hull as well as the transom.     For details on the stratos top cover, please contact Chris Gould through the contact form on the website, or ring 07910291507 Read more »

Weatherproof covers for your outdoor furniture

Creation Covers can make bespoke covers for tables, chairs, barbecues, kitchens and more. These can be made to measure for your furniture, but this is dependant on Chris Gould being able to come out and measure up for you.   Chris Gould can design and make covers to suit your needs, using pattern material to […] Read more »

Padded boom bag for Phantom Dinghies

Creation Covers make boom bags with a long zip down one end for simply sliding the boom in. The inner is in super soft foam so that your decks and boom don’t get scratched and each end has webbing loops for attachment.   For a boom bag for your Phantom, please contact Chris Gould or […] Read more »

Dinghy Foil Bags by Creation Covers

rudder bag weathermax

A lot of thought has gone into the range of foil bags designed by Chris Gould at Creation Covers. There are many designs available which have been taken directly from rudders and dagger boards of various classes. The designs do vary a little to suit the shape of the foil and on some such as […] Read more »

Laser Stratos Boat Covers

The Stratos is such a large and heavy boat that the cover has to match that to a point. The cover designs take the idea of something wide and heavy and uses the cover to help out as much as possible. This design is in PVC.   The design features include a high hoop (with […] Read more »

GP14 Dinghy Cover

gp14 topcover

Creation Covers has a much better all round set of GP 14 covers in Weathermaxx. Chris Gould has spoken to several top GP sailors and taken their advice on developing a new range of covers for the boat. The idea is to have a set of covers that  fit the boat better as well as being […] Read more »