Creation Covers- Stopping water from getting into your boat

To minimise the amount of water intake into your boat when it is ashore with the cover on, Chris Gould has come up with some neat solutions to keeping as much water out as possible.

There will always be some water that manages to find a way in, but to keep that to as small an amount as possible, Creation Covers can offer shroud points that have a raised lip. This sits together to keep a snug fit, yet also sits upright to guide any water around and away from the hole.

Additional clips help by puling the point closed and holding everything in position


Creation Covers can help with any details for your cover that you feel would benefit your boat. Neat shroud points are one way to do this but there are many more subtle features to keep your boat at its best.


Please contact Chris Gould or ring 07910291507 for details on a cover for your boat


keeping water out