Creation sail shades. Built to last.

Creation Covers specialises in dinghy and yacht covers as well as bespoke sewn items such as bags and canopies. In 2017, Chris Gould decided to expend to make shade sails using techniques learnt from making dinghy covers.

Sailcloth shade in garden

Sailcloth shade in garden

The idea behind a shade sail is to create shelter, UV protection or shadows in order for an area to be used for more of the year and be more comfortable to use. This means that every requirement for a shade Is going to be different and so each one can be made to suit the customers individual needs.

The design can include triangular, rectangular or much more complicated shapes in 2 or 3 dimensions. There are a range of materials available to suit the application and these come in a wide range of colours to fit in with the surroundings.

Sail shade on frame

There is a measurement form available as well as advice on fitting, information on fabrics and fabric colours.

Please contact Chris Gould for more details on 07910291507 or through the contact form.