Developing the halyard bag

Flat Halyard bag frontThe halyard bag is a simple bag used to store tails of sheets in your dinghy or yacht.

Chris Gould spend some time looking at the needs of dinghy sailors when designing the Creation range of halyard bags and came up with a simple flat bag design.


The benefits of this over a normal 3 dimensional bag are that the tails themselves are compressed and pinned  within the bag, making it difficult for them to fall out or get knocked out of the bag. The bag itself is very lightweight, being made in a strong mesh so no water is trapped on a capsize. The top flap uses Velcro to secure and attachment can be with Velcro to stick the bag to the boat itself, or 2 eyelets in the back to pall through a line on the boat.

The bag is competitively priced and easy to use. Standard size is approx. 6*5 inches, but larger or smaller bags can be made up to your needs.

We also make halyard bags on yachts to store larger ropes and heavier loads. These can be made to bespoke to match sizes and attachment on the yacht itself.


Please contact Chris Gould for more details, or ring 07910291507