Dinghy Foil Bags by Creation Covers

A lot of thought has gone into the range of foil bags designed by Chris Gould at Creation Covers. There are many designs available which have been taken directly from rudders and dagger boards of various classes.

The designs do vary a little to suit the shape of the foil and on some such as the Solo rudder bag, there is a pocket for shrouds and forestay.

The materials used have been chosen carefully too. OK Zipped rudder bag 2 Zipped Rudder Bag 4 Zipped Rudder Bag 5 Zipped Rudder Bag

The zip closure is to make sure that once the bag is zipped around the foil, it cannot slip out. Often with a rudder bag that has a Velcro flap over the top, the flap can become dislodged and increases the risk of the rudder coming out. The zip is a neater and simpler solution as well as being quicker to put the bag on or take it off. The sliders of the zip come with rope toggles so they are easily grabbed and the zip itself is a top quality product that will take a lot of use without failing.

The material for the outer of the bag is Weathermaxx, which has the advantage of being soft, strong tough and most importantly… Breathable and waterproof. The inner is made up of a brushed foam that is super soft so that it won’t scratch the blade. This inner is also breathable. Many other foil bags are not breathable, which is important on a rudder bag, as any water that may be on the surface will be able to escape by evaporation and will not be trapped against the surface of the rudder. Breathability in this way can  lengthen the life of a foil, as it won’t cause osmosis of water trapped in or beneath the gelcoat or paint finish.

There are other colours available, as well as the option to have a foil bag made to suit any bespoke foils.

Classes with standard designs are: Merlin Rocket, RS classes, Albacore, Solo, GP14, B14, RS Tera, Europe, Enterprise, Firefly, Fireball, Hadron, Mirror, Optimist, Osprey, Phantom, Snipe, Supernova, Scorpion, Stratos, Streaker, Topper, Laser 2000 and Laser 4000, Moth, OK, Flying Fifteen and Wayfarer.

Please contact Chris Gould for more details or ring 07910291507