Mast bag to protect your boat in the dinghy park

Creation Covers now offer a smart range of mast bags that can be hoisted while the mast is up in the dinghy park. These are for classes with an un stayed rig and those which have carbon masts that need protection.

Our mast bags have a number of clever features to ensure they do their job properly and last a long time.

The bag is designed to be zipped up as it is hoisted to maintain UV protection right to the top of the mast. The zip is full length, with a locking slider.


A common problem with socks that are hoisted up the mast, is that they have a tendency to flap in the wind, chafing the mast and creating extra windage. The Creation design stops this with a simple use of shockcord running up the mast in a diagonal fashion. This holds any loose material taught, and as you can see in the photo, ensures a good snug fit.


These are available for Europe, OK, Finn, EPS and any other class with an unstayed rig plus halyard.


To discuss a mast bag as seen below, please contact Chris Gould or ring 07910291507


sock for hoisting in the dinghy park

sock for hoisting in the dinghy park