Merlin Rocket Over EVERYTHING Cover

Creation Covers was asked to make a cover for a boat that will be sat on the drive underneath a tree for long periods of time. This meant a cover that covered absolutely everything, from the boat itself to the lightboard, mast and everything in between.


To do this, Chris Gould worked closely with Phil Scott, better known as “Mr Dirtyhands”.


Firstly the mast needed to be raised to make the boat into a proper high tent. Phil Scott now makes simple mast raisers that slot onto the existing Winder Boats lightboard. Once attached, the cover simply fits over the top of everything. There is no need to take off any existing covers or prepare the boat in any particular way beforehand. It is simply designed for when you have trailed your boat and want something to keep the muck off and water out.


Merlin Over Everything Cover Transom Merlin Over Everything cover Merlin Over Everything Cover2



For more details, please contact us or ring Chris Gould on 07910291507