New look mast bags

Mast bags are designed to keep your mast protected from UV and weather. They also can help protect your mast from flailing halyards while trailing. To do this effectively, Creation Covers mast bags are designed to offer great protection, by using materials that stop wear and tear, as well as UV damage to your mast.

Our bags used to match the light charcoal grey of the covers, but to single out the mast bags and make them light blue was decided on to ensure that it was easier to find your bag amidst the other bits of kit that end up in a pile when you get your boat unpacked. Many classes such as the Solo, Merlin Rocket, OK and Phantom use Creation covers mast bags, with recent developments to make them simpler to put on with less messing around with zips and Velcro.


Please contact Chris Gould for more info on a mast bag to suit your boat- 07910291507


mast bag for Solo