Planning for the season- is your boat ready?

Planning for the Season with Creation Covers

     When looking ahead to a new season of racing, forward preparation is part of the recipe for success. Even the smallest things can make a big difference

With any dinghy, being well prepared can help to reduce pressure and having kit that works gives you the confidence to use it to your potential.  For this year, why not plan ahead now to get your boat ready for action. A few test sails and a good look around the boat will tell you if anything is showing signs of wear or is in need of replacing. Many of the things that do wear out are components that Chris has spent time developing and creating with Jim and Andy at HD Sails to make your life easier and your boat more reliable.

Creation Covers offer products adapted to the new Solo, GP, Lark, Enterprise,Merlin Rocket, Optimist etc etc etc. As such, Chris Gould can make you anything to meet your requirements.

These new products are based around the fact that simple is usually best.

Chris Gould makes well-fitting and waterproof covers to protect your boat when travelling to the new season’s events and preventing dirt from sticking to the hull of your Dinghy and slowing you down when sailing.

As a Sailor himself, Chris is always enthusiastic about using new and dynamic materials to improve the strength and durability of the products. Double thickness-double sewn toestraps give better support and less strain on your shins. They are also lighter than padded and don’t absorb water.

As part of the theory that the smallest things can’t be overlooked when preparing your boat, Creation Covers puts as much time and effort into creating the smaller accessories for your boat such as toestraps, rudder bags and tapered mainsheets as the larger products.

From their past awareness of how to plan a structured campaign, Chris, Jim and Andy have learnt that success only comes by not leaving anything to chance. Every part of the boat matters and as one season ends, the preparation for the next begins.