Rigging your dinghy for racing

photo-2-4Rigging your dinghy for racing is not necessarily so different than if you are cruising. Some of the small and subtle differences are often in the setup and adjustability of the rig so that you can set up to suit the conditions. Racing calls for more urgent decisions and often having the right choice of ropes can make adjustability easier and more consistent.



There are a selection of ropes that can be used for your dinghy, but knowing what ropes to use for a particular application can be more difficult. If you would like advice on rope selection for your dinghy, then Creation Covers supplies ropes to cut lengths and will provide the right rope for the job.


Creation Covers use mostly English Braids ropes as they have a good range of ropes and some top spec materials to choose from.


Contact Chris Gould on 07910291507 or through the contact form and he can supply some of the best ropes at sensible prices.