Straps and tie-downs on your cover

Straps are important on your cover, as they help secure it and keep everything in place. Straps can take some wear and tear from trailing and flapping and also if there is water build up on the cover, it can spread the load down to the straps.

To make sure that Creation Covers straps are up to the job, we use UV stable webbing, with UV stable clips and UV stable thread to sew it all together. In addition to this, we have recently changed the way the straps secure to the boat to spread any loads out as evenly as possible. They now comprise of a semicircle of PVC to provide a stable base for sewing. This is sewn on all sides to really ensure as much of the load spreads out evenly to the cover, reducing point loading and increasing the life of your cover.


For covers made to last, please contact Chris Gould- 07910291507

load- spreading clip attachment- back load spreading clip attachment- front