Foil Bags

OK Zipped rudder bag 2

Keep your foils pristine with our protective bag with patterns for many classes. It is fully breathable in Weathermax and includes a super soft lining with Velcro or zips to secure.

Mast BagsEurope Mast Bag

Good for keeping the mast clean or stopping harmful UV from damaging the finish. Our mast bags come in Weathermax as standard, with a choice of finishing, from zips, Velcro, clips and straps. Mast end socks also available.

Toe StrapsPlumb fit toestraps

With patterns for most classes, our toe straps can be made as standard or a bit shorter or longer to suit your needs. The straps can be plain, padded or rubber- backed.

Boom BagsBoom Bag

Easy to put your boom into when travelling. Our boom bag is designed to last, with beefing included to protect the boom and boat from bouncing around while trailing. The bag has zips that meet in the middle, allowing the bag to close around the mainsheet/kicker points.

Halyard BagsDSC02580

To keep your boat neat and tidy, we offer halyard bags in a range of sizes and shapes. They come in mesh and other materials to provide a lightweight yet strong compartment for halyard tails.

Bouyancy Bag Covers

Bouyancy Bag Cover For Merlin Rocket

Bouyancy Bag Cover For Merlin Rocket

Mostly for Merlin Rockets, where older boats can be retro fitted with special bag covers. There is a storage pocket on the side which includes Velcro closures and drainage holes in the base.

Riggers BagsRiggers Bags

For keeping tools, rope and splicing equipment in. New models can be made to your spec.

Spinnaker BagsGP14 Spinnaker Bags

For stowing the spinnaker, the bags are made for a number of classes.

Tapered SheetsTapered Sheets

To help with trimming the spinnaker, tapered sheets are lighter and also run more smoothly through the blocks. Standard tapered sheets are 4mm dyneema with a soft outer cover for comfort.

Split Tail MainsheetsTapered sheets

For a smooth transition between the tails and outer cover, we now use a dual core Dyneema sheet. This allows for a better and longer lasting sheet, as the taper and tails are the last bits that should wear out.