Rigging your dinghy for racing

photo-2-4Rigging your dinghy for racing is not necessarily so different than if you are cruising. Some of the small and subtle differences are often in the setup and adjustability of the rig so that you can set up to suit the conditions. Racing calls for more urgent decisions and often having the right choice of ropes can make adjustability easier and more consistent.



There are a selection of ropes that can be used for your dinghy, but knowing what ropes to use for a particular application can be more difficult. If you would like advice on rope selection for your dinghy, then Creation Covers supplies ropes to cut lengths and will provide the right rope for the job.


Creation Covers use mostly English Braids ropes as they have a good range of ropes and some top spec materials to choose from.


Contact Chris Gould on 07910291507 or through the contact form and he can supply some of the best ropes at sensible prices.

Simple Solutions for Yacht Halyards

yacht-under-worktop-storageCreation Covers makes a steady number of Halyard bags and storage bags for yacht owners and they are all different. They are all made to suit the needs of the individual and that can be as simple or as complicated as you want. To make the bags, there are several materials to choose from, that suit different needs.


For yacht halyard bags as well as covers, dodgers and repairs, contact Chris Gould through the contact page or phone 07910291507


Europe Dinghy Foil Bags

Creation Covers makes a selection of foil bags for a range of classes. The designs can be tailored for the individual and there are many options available including colours and whether the closure is a zip or Velcro.


europe-daggerboard-bag europe-foil-bags-2 europe-foil-bags-with-tiller-cover europe-foil-bags europe-rudder-bag


Creation Covers makes foil bags for a lot of classes such as the GP14, Merlin Rocket, Solo, Enterprise, Osprey, RS classes and more. Please contact Chris Gould on 07910291507 or get in touch through the contact form for more details and prices.

International Moth cover and trampoline development

Rocket Moth 2016

Rocket Moth 2016

Aardvark Technologies have been busy making the Rocket International Moth over the past few years. The design of the boat has been honed and improved over time and so have the trampolines and covers. The tramps have been beefed up, made in 6.5 ounce black dacron with a new extended wing wrap pocket at the front wingbar. This has the effect of being a bit more aero, while also providing more space to hide control lines and extras.

Creation Covers supplies tramps, covers, toestraps and foil bags for the Rocket and can make covers for a variety of different moth designs also.


Please ring Chrus Gould on 07910291507 for more details

Merlin Rocket Covers

Merlin Cover 2016 13 Merlin Cover 2016 Merlin Cover 2016 12 Merlin Cover 2016 11 Merlin Cover 2016 10 Merlin Cover 2016 9 Merlin Cover 2016 8 Merlin Cover 2016 7 Merlin Cover 2016 6 Merlin Cover 2016 5 Merlin Cover 2016 4 Merlin Cover 2016 3 Merlin Cover 2016 2

Creation Covers can make Merlin Rocket dinghy covers for your boat at competitive prices. There are many options available in our shop but with a class as diverse as the Merlins, a made to measure cover is possible with a pattern taken from your individual boat at an event or the Creation Loft in Perry Barr.

Weathermax is the material of choice for most Merlin sailors, who want breathability and a tidy looking cover. Trailing gear is also available, with padded bags for boom and poles, rudder bags for protection and undercovers with covered foredeck to keep the muck off.

We also do toestraps, tapered sheets and mast bags. New boat packs can be made up for the individuals requirements and as a Merlin sailor, Chris Gould is often at hand to discuss any details at events.

There is also a post about our range of toestraps and how they are made-   http://creationcovers.co.uk/better-tougher-toestraps-for-your-dinghy/


New for 2015-16 is a tapered sheet rope developed with English Braids. This is a little softer, a little thicker and a lot more comfortable, while being designed for smooth tapers, very low stretch with SK78 and very hard wearing with a twist mix Polyester jacket.


For more information on anything for the Merlin, please contact Chris Gould on 07910291507 or through the contact form.


Sail covers for your yacht.

Creation Covers can make boom and sail covers for your yacht with the added detail such as your choice of colour and a boat name with laser cut letters in a font of your choice.

Yacht Boom Cover

The cover can be made from a drawing with dimensions or by simply copying an existing sail cover. Other features can include slits or zips for access to reefing lines, clips and straps to hold the sail in place while it is being reefed, webbing loops with or without stainless D rings to hold it up, a zipped top to keep the sail dry and out of the sun.


Please contact Chris Gould for details and options. You can ring on 07910291507 or send a message through the contact form.